department of lame excuses deports gay refugee claimant

Slap Upside The Head has the final verdict on Joaquin Ramirez, another gay man denied asylum in Canada.
Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board rejected Joaquin's story, asking why he didn't apply for police protection back at home before coming here.

Police protection. For a gay man in El Salvador. What planet are these people living on?

I guess it's the same planet where the nature of the Iraq War is not relevant to the war resisters' refugee cases, so the Refugee Board refused to hear arguments about it.

See Slap Upside for lots of news you might miss, plus his kickin' illustrations. Slap says he's "combatting bigotry the gayest way I know how". He's one of my favourite bloggers.


James said...

A couple of months ago the UK refused asylum to a gay man whose partner had been executed in Iran on the grounds that, if he were just discrete enough about being gay, he'd be ok.

impudent strumpet said...

Is asking for police protection a normal requirement for refugee status?? Because it seems like that would be unfeasible in the vast majority of refugee situations, not just with gay El Savadoreans (or whatever the correct word is).

L-girl said...

Yes, it does seem like an impossibility. In many countries, the police are the problem, extensions of the government that is persecuting the person.