statcounter curiosity

Could someone who is visiting wmtc from here please tell me why? What are you? Who linked to me there? I am curious! I must know!


Loutron Glouton said...


I visit your blog because I also moved to Canada (from France) and I really like your insights and comments on the political scene. I also like free-thinking blogs and this one certainly is :-)
I also work for a program that studies the Canadians and the way they feel about their country's rĂ´le in the world, so one can say reading your blog is part of my research ;-)

L-girl said...

Thank you, Loutron! Welcome to Canada. And thanks for reading wmtc. Glad to help your research. ;)

I have seen your blog many times in my Statcounter or through Technorati. My French comprehension is limited, but I can often get the gist of your posts.

I love the avatar, too.

L-girl said...

Btw, in case you were curious why I wrote this post, click on that link. It's a Russian site. Tons of visitors have been coming from it. No idea why.