heading south for a few days

I'm off for my annual early-April New York/New Jersey visit. My mom is back from Florida, and I'll also hang out with siblings and some friends, including my old friend New York City.

If I have anything to say, you can be sure you'll see it here. Have a great week. I'm back on Thursday.


Amy said...

Have a great time, Laura. Will you be game threading while away?

L-girl said...

Thanks, Amy! If I remember, I might make an appearance in a game thread. But Allan will have to moderate without me, while scoring. Let's see how he does.

Rufus said...

Hey, I'm another American turning Canadian. My wife is Canadian, so it's about 40 percent political and 60 percent for love. I wonder if there's enough of us expats in the GTA to have a brunch?

redsock said...

Rufus: Stay tuned for the announcement of wmtc 3 -- our third annual backyard party.

redsock said...

Bethpage Man, 80, Arrested In War Protest
March 30, 2008

Among the many milestones in Don Zirkel's life -- serving in the Army, editing The Tablet, the Diocese of Brooklyn's newspaper, and working in the state Division of Human Rights under Gov. Mario Cuomo -- perhaps the most famous will now be his arrest at the food court in Smith Haven Mall. ...

On Saturday, Zirkel, 80, was at an anti-war rally outside the mall in Lake Grove, wearing a white T-shirt splotched with red and emblazoned with a simple message about the fatalities of the Iraq war: "4,000 troops, 1 million Iraqis dead. Enough."

Zirkel said he was at the rally to support the anti-war protesters. "I was an encourager. I was an affirmer," he said.

During the rally, Zirkel and his wife went into the mall's food court for coffee and French fries. After he declined mall security's request to either turn the T-shirt inside out or leave, he said police put him in a wheelchair and escorted him from the mall.

Suffolk police charged him with criminal trespassing and resisting arrest. ...

"I'm being punished for six words that spoke the truth. That's insanity. War is insanity," said Zirkel, who said his nephew recently returned from active duty in Iraq. ...

He began protesting the Iraq war "when the pope sent a cardinal to see President Bush and tell him it's an immoral war, which I 100 percent agree with," Zirkel said.

"There are people my age getting killed over there," he said, referring to Iraqi civilians.


The link also has a picture of Mr. Zirkel wearing his shirt.

redsock said...

Let's see how he does.


I may have to only score and click and not comment as much. Or I'll comment like usual and some comments will be upped 10 seconds later. Believe me, I'll do fine.

Let's hope Dice pitches as well as I mod.

Amy said...

Let's hope Dice pitches as well as I mod.

Let's hope better. We don't want him delaying responses by 10 seconds.... that would mean some pretty poor fielding of balls up the middle.

L-girl said...

I wonder if there's enough of us expats in the GTA to have a brunch?

A brunch? We're enough for a convention. Stay in touch and you can meet many of them on June 7 in Mississauga.

L-girl said...

Allan, thanks for the link. Off-topic, but appreciated.

redsock said...

When I saw

If I have anything to say, you can be sure you'll see it here.

I thought it said

If you have anything to say, you can be sure you'll see it here.

Which (admittedly) doesn't make quite as much sense, but I thought this was an open thread of sorts.

So ...

The Bush Library Foundation forgot to renew its domain (www.GeorgeWBushLibrary.com) last year and Illuminati Karate, a Web company in Raleigh, N.C., snapped it up for less than $10.

Nigel Patel said...

If I ever get to Northwestern Jersey again I'm eating at a Stewart's restaurant.
Lovely roadside places like an A&W that I had no chance of aproaching whilst in a big truck.

redsock said...

US Doctors Support Universal Health Care - Survey

WASHINGTON, March 31 (Reuters) - More than half of U.S. doctors now favor switching to a national health care plan and fewer than a third oppose the idea, according to a survey published on Monday.

The survey suggests that opinions have changed substantially since the last survey in 2002 and as the country debates serious changes to the health care system.

Of more than 2,000 doctors surveyed, 59 percent [up 10% from 2002] said they support legislation to establish a national health insurance program, while 32 percent said they opposed it, researchers reported in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. ...

"Many claim to speak for physicians and represent their views. We asked doctors directly and found that, contrary to conventional wisdom, most doctors support national health insurance," said Dr. Aaron Carroll of the Indiana University School of Medicine, who led the study.


More at link.