dog lovers, take note

James has posted a visual version of my story here, about our Good Dog Friday. Enjoy!


David Cho said...

Tala's so beautiful.

Are her ears always stiff?

impudent strumpet said...

Are her ears always stiff?

Congratulations, you are the first person in recorded history ever to utter that sentence!

L-girl said...

ImpStrump, you crack me up.

David, her ears go down when she is greeting us or anyone she loves. When she gets all wiggly-happy, her ears go so flat against her head, she looks bald. You can also make her ears go up and down by saying magic words like "Wanna eat?", "biscuit", etc.

Our first dog, Gypsy, was the same way - but even more so. Her ears were like huge radar towers, and they flew up, then disappeared, as you spoke to her. Hilarious.

And yes, Tala is very beautiful!