julie christie uses oscar platform to support war resisters, blast harper

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Julie Christie's four-decade love affair with Canada has been tarnished by Stephen Harper, Christie told Sun Media yesterday.

During a conversation about working in Canadian cinema as the British star of Sarah Polley's Away From Her, Christie went off on Harper.

"I love Canada," Christie said. "But it is only just now that I am beginning to lose my pride in Canada because this guy who is your prime minister is allowing such terrible things to happen. One of the things I can't stand is that he doesn't take in ... some of these poor young men who have had to leave the (U.S.) army because they are so traumatized ... by what they have seen (in the Iraq War)."

"Even so, when I was there (for Away From Her, which was filmed in Southern Ontario), Canada was still Canada and people were still doing all the best things they don't do anywhere else. It is a fine place!"

Christie has always been a political firebrand, one of the reasons she has bonded with Sarah Polley, who is also deeply involved in politics and social issues.

So there was something in the Academy Awards I cared about! This was picked up in the Winnipeg Sun, the Calgary Sun and possibly a few other Sun papers.

On the Campaign front, we've regained our momentum. Liberal support for the resolution continues to build. We are cautiously optimistic that it will pass in the House of Commons in the spring, probably before any resisters are deported... although that is the great unknown.

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