happy new year and two decisions

We ended 2007 with two notable decisions for 2008: our annual party, now in its third incarnation, and this year's vacation.

Wmtc3 will be Saturday, June 7. No conflict with Pride Week or Canada Day, and hopefully no rescheduling. Those who care about such things, please mark your calendars.

And. . . we're going to Newfoundland! We'll certainly get to Nova Scotia on a future trip, but Newfoundland is calling me. And I'm answering!

The trip will be in late June, when it should be warm enough, but not crowded. I don't know if Newfoundland ever gets crowded with tourists, but it's always better to travel when kids are still in school.

It looks like we'll get 10 days there, not counting travel days on either end. Two Newfie-descended friends have told me I need at least two weeks, but 10 days will have to do. You can never do everything, anywhere you go. We'll be sure to make it a memorable 10 days.

I've only just started to read about the area and think about what we want to do. I know that quaint small towns and long, scenic drives are in store, and hopefully we'll see some whales.

I definitely want to go to L'Anse aux Meadows, the archaeological site of the earliest known settlement in North America. We both love that kind of thing, and I won't miss an opportunity to visit any UNESCO World Heritage Site, anywhere.

Newfoundland is actually home to two World Heritage Sites - the only Canadian province that can make that boast. Gros Morne National Park is the other one. I have to investigate how accessible the park is to people like us who are not backcountry trekkers.

I'd also like to visit Cape St. Charles, the easternmost point in North America (if we exclude Greenland, that is!), for perhaps a silly reason. I've been to Land's End, the westerly most point of the UK, and the closest land point to North America. I was there by myself, on a memorable journey in 1985 (a few months before I met Allan). I like the symmetry of it.

I'm excited! Anytime I'm looking forward to traveling someplace I've never been before, I'm happy. My wanderlust is so intense, and it never gets fed often enough.

Any suggestions or information about Newfoundland is welcome. Great photos and info here.


Ferdzy said...

No suggestions, I haven't been since I was three! But my MIL has been twice in the last few years, and she loves it. It's certainly a place I want to go to.

Happy new year to you and Alan as well.

James Redekop said...

There should be plenty of Gros Morne accessible for casual walkers. Don't worry about that!

laura k said...

There should be plenty of Gros Morne accessible for casual walkers.


I'm now looking into flying into St John's but flying home from the northern airport, Deer Lake. That would give us a lot more time to explore, since we wouldn't have to backtrack.

David Cho said...

WMTC Southern California 2008????

David Cho said...

Oh Happy New YEAR :)

Anonymous said...

Have you and Allan made a decision about remaining citizens of the usoffuckinga?

laura k said...

Have you and Allan made a decision about remaining citizens of the usoffuckinga?

No. Since I don't have to decide yet, I'm putting it aside.

When we pop into NY or VT to visit family, I'm very glad to have my US passport. When it's tax time and I have to check in with the IRS, I'm ready to burn the damn thing. I don't know how this will resolve itself. We shall see!

Good luck with the move!!