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The excellent satirist-blogger Jon Swift is doing a Best of 2007 round-up. He's asking bloggers to submit their best post of the past year.

For purely personal posts, this was a big hit. And nothing was quite as wonderful as THIS.

But I've got to go for something a little more topical, not quite so specifically personal. The personal-is-political realm, which is my strength, such as it is.

Allan combed through the muck and found ten or so good entries. From those, I narrowed it down to six.

Could you help me choose? The nominees, in order of appearance, are:

(a) May 11: better living through canada

(b) June 2: on luck

(c) June 15: apathy, laziness, fear? or something else?

(d) July 1: reality check: violence against women

(e) July 30: the tyranny of the subconscious

(f) August 26: invasion of the brain snatchers

(g) None of the above. They all suck.

Allan noticed I do my best blogging in summer. I believe that was a function of unemployment. Lots of time to think.

Please vote in comments, and thank you in advance.

Also, if you want to submit something to Mr Swift's Best Of efforts, he'll be happy to hear from you at modestjonswift at g mail.


James Redekop said...

My personal favourite of those is "better living through canada", but that may just be because it supports my prejudices about my home country. They are all excellent posts!

allan said...


The rest of my Top 5 that I sent to L were:

2. E
3. bruce in toronto (October 17)
4. toronto city vehicles to remain political billboards (June 21)
5. C (combined with B)

allan said...

And nothing was quite as wonderful as THIS.

Three words:




Anonymous said...

I have to go with "better living..." Yup, that's it.

allan said...

L seemed surprised at me picking the Bruce post. I just re-read it and while nice, it is not Top 5 material. Oh well.

Here are three other posts that could go into that spot instead:

on supposedly liberal people supporting hillary clinton - february 5
#42 - april 15
i hate money, part 2 - may 27
and maybe
stop puppy mills - april 26

Jen said...

My fave is "reality check". I like the facts at the beginning then the discussion following up. Plus, I think it's a topic people think they understand intuitively, but don't really think about explicitly until something affects them personally

Ferdzy said...

I liked a, e, and f the best; would have a hard time choosing between them.

Jim said...

Definitely (f), but then the topic is closest to my heart. The systmatic brainwashing provided by modern advertising is the root of all evil. Especially relevant with a US Presidential campaign in full swing and the election itself is still 11 months away. And the discussion is about the brand, not the issues. The fact that we, in Canada, still can't "just ignore it" speaks volumes to this pandemic. The scary thing is that only by watching DVDs of old ball games from the 60's and 70's do we realize that the constant battering of ads was not always the norm--we've evolved to this state. With that, have a Merry one!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I, sister.susie, can post again!

I re-read the above noted posts and found I was every bit as interested in "better living through canada" the second time around as I was when it was first posted. So that gets my vote.

I appreciate the way you shine a light on the canadian health care system from a personal, not-quite-newbie, point of view while your experience of the u.s. health care system is still fresh in your mind.

So, l-girl, it's wonderful (and not at all simply lucky!) that you were able to see beyond the inaccuracies written in the u.s. about the canadian health care system before you decided to move here.

laura k said...

Welcome back, sister.susie! :)

Nancy said...

I liked "On Luck" best.

I'll need some of that myself. I got the job at Sheridan...now I have to move to Toronto, and so I'll be using all my other wishes!

"Better Living Through Canada" is also good.
Happy New Year to you and I hope we can meet up when I move North in June, 2008!

laura k said...

I got the job at Sheridan...now I have to move to Toronto, and so I'll be using all my other wishes!


Happy New Year to you and I hope we can meet up when I move North in June, 2008!

To you as well, and yes! You'll be just in time for wmtc3. Please email me again with your info so I include you in the invites.

Nancy said...

I think I like "on luck" the best, but I enjoyed all. Happy New Year!