welcome tom and emilio

Tom and Emilio are here! Canadian Hope has made it to Canada!!

These two men have been through so much, just to try to make a safe home together. And along the way, they've reached out to help others. Tom is always out there, writing letters, being public, eloquently stating their (simple and obvious) case.

I say it all the time: the US's loss is Canada's gain. And in this case, our gain, too, as now we have more friends in Toronto.

We haven't met Tom and Em in person yet, somehow the timing has never worked out. But now that they're our GTA neighbours, there'll be plenty of opportunity. They're already part of Nick and Mason's widening circle of friends. Nick and Mason seem to have embraced the role of Welcoming Committee. I just love how this whole thing goes around, each of us helping others along the way.

I continue to get emails from Americans making the big move north. I only wish everyone who wanted to move to Canada, could.

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Tom said...

Thanks L-Girl!

You were the original blog to start all of this. We're just paying it forward.

We safely arrived yesterday due to the snow storm.

Em and I look forward to seeing you and Alan soon.