great reading, brought to you by jon swift

Jon Swift asked his readers for their best post of the past year. The results are some amazing reading.

Perhaps you take the blogosphere for granted, but to me, it's absolutely astounding how many people are engaged in the form of journalism we call blogging - how many people are reading, thinking and writing, who likely would not be, were it not for the internet. Every once in a while I read something in the mainstream media slamming bloggers, and I think, there goes the dying gasp of a dinosaur.

For my entry, I chose Better Living Through Canada, partly because many readers voted for it, but also because it seems illustrative of the themes of this blog.

Wmtc is getting a lot of traffic from Jon Swift's post, so maybe a few more people will learn something about the Canadian health care system.

Jon Swift's Best Blog Posts of 2007 is here.

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