reminder: iraq moratorium tomorrow

Friday, November 16, is the third Iraq Moratorium.

Moratoriums are being held on the third Friday of every month, to build support for the peace movement and to voice our indignation at the continuing US occupation of Iraq.

Here are some ideas for things to do tomorrow:

  • Wear a peace button.

  • Wear an arm band. When someone asks you why you're wearing it, tell them about the Moratorium.

  • Send an email to everyone you know, asking them to think about the war and to support anti-war efforts.

  • Make a donation to a peace organization.

  • Go to a demonstration, teach-in, or other anti-war event.

  • Hang a peace sign in your window or on your front lawn.

  • Print out anti-war flyers and leave them in the lobby of your apartment building, in the break room or pantry where you work.

  • Write a letter to your local newspaper.

    Iraq Moratorium has ideas for what you can do on your own, and a list of actions you can join.

    Remember, the idea is to do something in public. Blogging is good - but not sufficient. Make your peace visible.
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