greetings from new jersey

We've been having a really nice time, visiting family and friends, including my dear old friend New York City. As always on this annual trip, it's a good combination of hanging out, running around, helping my mom with stuff, laughing with family that we don't see often enough, spending money and eating too much.

Checking in with Canada news, I see Peter MacKay called war-crime allegations "un-Canadian". Once again, he is ass-backwards. Mr MacKay, it's the torture that's un-Canadian, not the people trying to uncover it. He sounds so American. In all the wrong ways.

I also see the Opposition managed to unite to call for an investigation of the latest scandal. Will they unite to Let Them Stay? That is, can the Liberals take on the Conservatives about anything of substance?

Hope you're all well. Feel free to leave news in comments if you want.


Lone Primate said...

Well, it's snowing, and there's no turkey in sight. I think for once you're in the right place down there. :)

L-girl said...

I just spoke to our dogsitter, who said Tala is having a great time romping in the snow. I miss the pups!

David Cho said...

Had a weird dream.

Dreamed about moving to NYC, and getting tips from you over the phone. Pretty weird.

L-girl said...

Oo, fun! I love giving NYC tips. Maybe I'll have a dream where I help you find an apartment.

Jere said...

I had a dream a hamburger was eating ME!

About news stories: Do you remember the Saudi girl who was gang-raped, but then was sentenced to 90 lashes because she had been in a car with a non-relative male at the time? Did I read about that here originally? Anyway, it turns out they made her penalty ever worse for taking it to the media: 200 lashes and 6 months in jail. Here, she tells her story.

All this because of religion. Aren't these religions supposed to teach compassion anyway? I think the stupidest thing in the world is religion. One of the rapists' punishment was two years in jail. The girl's punishment will be 6 months in jail, plus 200 lashes, plus having been raped 14 times. I just hope she gives everybody the finger while they're lashing her, knowing that the worst of her ordeal has long since ended. But then they'll probably punish her for that, too. Not for the intent of the gesture, but for pointing at Allah after sunset or some dumb shit like that.

L-girl said...

Thanks, Jere. I'm not sure if you read about that here, but I know the story.

I'd agree with you about religion but then I also see a lot of positive activism come out of religion, too - the people truly trying to do what their religions teach. And if there were no religion, powerful people would find some other excuse for these cruelties.

But yes, it's utter insanity.

Another part of this story: geography is destiny. When it comes to being female in this world, the accident of birth, what land mass you happened to be born in, determines if you are free. The injustice of that is... it's beyond words. It's unbearable.

Jere said...

Yeah, I always think about how I happened to born a white male American in the 20th century, instead of one of the many other types of people throughout history who had it so much harder than I could ever imagine.

About religion, if the bad people of the world would still be bad without it, I feel like the good people could be good with out it. But it seems to do more bad than good.

L-girl said...

I agree that religion does more harm than good. But to me dreaming of a world without religion is like dreaming of a world without oxygen. It has never existed and never will. It's a part of human society, period.

So that's why for me it's worth remembering that many people do great good in the world, because they believe that is their duty to their god, or that they are making their god real, or they are honouring their spirituality, or something along those lines.