vote mmp tomorrow!

Tomorrow's the big day: Ontario goes to the polls to determine whether or not the province will move to a proportional representation system, or stay with first-past-the-post. I'm not optimistic... but I'm always hopeful.

If you can vote in Ontario: Vote! And Vote MMP!


M@ said...

So, ever seeking further enlightenment, I learned something from a tired and perhaps not unreasonably irritable polling station clerk today. I won't go into detail about how this learning came about, but for everyone's reference:

- If you mark two (or more) Xs on a ballot, or make any stray marks etc., the ballot is considered spoiled.

- You can fill in the circle with almost anything -- an X, of course, but you can also put a check mark, full in the circle, even draw a happy face. However, putting your initials (or, presumably, someone else's initials) also spoils the ballot.

The more you know!

(I used an X.)

Scott M. said...

MMP is dead... :( :( :(

I can't believe people were allowed to lie that blatantly about it. :( :( :(


loneprimate said...

Oh, well. At least we had the chance to vote. Frankly, I didn't think it would even get the third or so of the vote it got. Something to build on, anyway. Maybe in a generation. :)