bruce vs baseball

We're seeing Springsteen tonight!

As I've mentioned, I swore off arena concerts a long time ago, but for Bruce, the E Street Band and this brilliant new album, I'm thrilled to make an exception.

Tonight is also Game 3 of the American League Championship Series; Boston and Cleveland are tied at one game apiece. We're taping the game; when we get home from the show, we'll go straight to bed - no internet!

Then tomorrow morning - Allan's birthday - we'll wake up, get our coffee and tea, and watch the game. Game 4 is also tomorrow night, so it will be a double-header for us.

So, first bruuuuuuce, then yooooook.


Nigel Patel said...

I do agree that stadium concerts are pretty lousy. Won't stop me from seeing Rush a fourth time if they swing back this way.
But Canadian bands do have to play Detroit gratuitously. There's a treaty or something.

L-girl said...

I don't think arena concerts are necessarily lousy. I've seen zillions of them, and most have been great.

I just felt it wasn't for me anymore.

But never say never, eh?

Granny said...

Happy Birthday to Allan.

redsock said...

Thanks, granny!!

Nigel Patel said...

It's all the assigned seating, an entire parking lot away from the band.

One of the good things about liking bands that don't make any money is that you get to read the set list upside down you're so close.

L-girl said...

It's not an either/or thing. I've been going to both kinds of shows all my life.

It would be nice to see every band in a little club, but if I only did that, I would have missed some great ones.