wmtc, the recap

Judging from the emails I'm receiving, while I was babbling about CNAMEs and URL forwarding, I obscured the most important part of the change to wmtc, from a reader's perspective. So here it is again.

  • The site is no longer redirected using frames. Those of you who had problems with frames will no longer have those difficulties.

  • If you have wmtc.ca bookmarked, it should automatically redirect to wmtc.blogspot.com.

  • If you use Google Reader or other feed service, http://wmtc.blogspot.com/atom.xml will probably work best.

  • Any of these URLs should get you to my scintillating blather: wmtc.ca, www.wmtc.ca, wmtc.blogspot.com, www.wmtc.blogspot.com.

  • I'm still using Blogger; it's all I've ever used. I've tried WordPress, but neither the online version nor the downloadable version works for me, for very important reasons.

    Any other questions, ask away.
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