more east than north, but cottage country just the same

Ahhhh. The country. I just learned that even if you live in the suburbs and have a big backyard, getting away is as relaxing as ever. Even the drive here was lovely - once you're off the 401, it's all farmland, the same landscapes I've seen all my life in New York State.

For some reason, I thought we were going farther north, so I imagined the fall foliage would be in full colour. It's actually the same here as in Mississauga, partially turned and partially green. I'm just glad there are leaves on the trees. I have a bad habit of planning drives and hikes too late and seeing mainly bare branches.

The cottage is larger than we expected, with a high peaked ceiling and whitewashed walls, and an open, loft-style design, making it feel very spacious. All the cottages are very close together, but it doesn't matter, because we're the only ones staying here this week. Nice!

Our big front window faces the little lake, which Allan says is a pond. Between the cottage and the lake there's just our lounge chairs and picnic table. We brought our corkscrew tether for the dogs, so they have a good 50 feet of room to explore without our having to worry about them - well, about Tala - running off.

Yesterday we got set up, did a little food shopping, then ate and drank the day away. After dinner we drank wine on the chaise lounges and watched the stars come out.

We'll probably spend the morning reading and relaxing, then go for a hike in the afternoon. I found out there are aboriginal petroglyphs in a nearby provincial park! I hope they are accessible to the average day hiker, because I'd really like to see that.


Jo said...

I've been to Petroglyphs Provincial park. It's VERY cool. Yes, it's a day hike, not even. The petroglyphs themselves are protected by a building that has been built up around them to prevent further erosion. There are lots of hiking trails in all the provinical parks, separate from the Petroglyphs themselves.

L-girl said...

Sounds great! I'm not sure how we'll see the glyphs if they're in a building, since we'll have the dogs with us... but we'll figure something out.

There are lots of hiking trails in all the provinical parks, separate from the Petroglyphs themselves.

And there are so many provincial parks!

Anonymous said...

Sounds glorious! Enjoy!

James said...

Glad you're enjoying the place! One of the reasons Lori wanted Red Umbrella instead of the place you're at is RU has a "no kids" policy... But it sounds like that wouldn't have been an issue! :)

Jere said...

Glad you're enjoying it. The last few years we've done fall trips, assuming we'd see hot foliage action. Only to find all the leaves were just plain gone.

This year, I wanted to catch it in time, so last weekend we planned to do the West Point area (and Storm King--you know that place? If not, Google.) on our way to NYC, but then I checked a "foliage report" and it showed there was hardly any turning at all yet anywhere in the northeast US. So we skipped that part of the trip.

One of these years I'll see foliage! (this coming from someone who grew up in the woods anyway) (not like Grizzly Adams, we had a house, running water and everything, it was just in the middle of nowhere) (well, as M.O.N. as you can get in the Tri-State area) (except Staten Island) (zing)

L-girl said...

Jere, I love Storm King - it's one of my favourite places.

I have huge bad luck w/ foliage. When I would go up to see Allan in Vermont - gone. Bare trees. When we'd drive upstate - gone. Ontario for the last two years - gone. This year we're seeing it half-baked, but at least there are leaves!

I grew up w/ woods, too, but I still like to see them now. (As an adult.) (Just threw that in.) (So I could use ()s .)

James, the no-kids policy at RU was a big sell for us, too. But since we have to go midweek, and school is in session, we thought it would end up being no kids anyway.

More people are due here on Friday. They might have some little darlings with them, but we'll already be gone. :)

dcbean said...

I'm curious, was it really 1 1/2 hours from Toronto, like everything else?

L-girl said...

I'm curious, was it really 1 1/2 hours from Toronto, like everything else?

Good question!!

It was about 2.5 hours from Mississauga. Subtracting a half-hour to get from Mississauga to Toronto, it was about 2 hours from Toronto. Closer than we expected, farther than the brochure said. :)