a little slice of heaven (updated with photo link)

Yesterday we walked on some trails on the property here, a short, flat walk and enough activity for the day. Allan and I spent the rest of the day on lounge chairs overlooking the lake, either reading or being entertained by the pups. Cody spent the day lounging on the grass, chewing sticks. And Tala spent the day exploring or chasing tennis balls.

Tala was off-leash the entire day and did beautifully! She's established some territory for herself on the lake-front and seems content to stay within it. If she wandered out of sight, we'd call her - and she'd appear. It helps that we're the only family staying here this week, so there are no other people or dogs to distract her. But even so, she never could have done this even a few months ago.

Tala loved trotting out to the end of the dock and watching birds or canoes go by. She barked at motorboats, and "chased" them a little from the shore, but she seemed to know it was futile to really give chase.

A few times Tala convinced Cody to play with her, and Cody was dashing around like she was five years younger. That means the anti-inflammatory medication we're trying is working well. We still need to have her x-rayed, but if it turns out to be arthritis, I think we'll keep her on these meds.

Our game was at 5:00, so we set up the computer outside and followed the game as the sun set on the lake. Once it was dark, we were able to get the Connecticut station on the radio, and listen to another great Red Sox win.

Our magic number is down to two. I'm really hoping they clinch the division tonight (meaning they win and the Yankees lose), since it will be the last regular-season game Allan and I can watch together this year. I'll put champagne in the fridge, just in case.

We'll spend the morning here, then drive home. This has been a completely wonderful few days, truly a little slice of heaven.

Here are some photos from our stay.

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