a little quiet for now, but september looms

I guess this is an unplanned, uncharacteristic quiet period on wmtc.

I start notetaking this week. I'm pretty anxious about how it's going to work out, especially during September, when I'll still be working my weekend doc-pro job. As Murphy's Law would have it, weekends have gotten busy, after being completely dead since I started in mid-July. I'm concerned about being able to do both jobs without being overtaxed. Also, I'm realizing what a big change this might be - I've been doing legal doc-pro for 17 years - and even good changes are stressful.

September started out right for the Red Sox, with a rookie pitcher throwing a no-hitter in his second major-league start. Positively thrilling. Our magic number is 22.

We had a really nice time with C&C, my 18-year-old niece and her boyfriend. Following up on a promotional mailing - half-price appetizers and five-dollar martinis? sign me up! - we discovered a cool, non-chain restaurant very nearby, something unusual in our neck of the woods. The server assumed C1 was my daughter, and I didn't correct her. It's always amusing when that happens, but as "the kids" (as we call all my siblings' children, although they are well into adulthood) get older, it's getting a little strange.

I'm attending an important War Resisters Support Campaign meeting this week. I'll report back if whatever happens is public.

That's about it. Although I always follow what's going on in the world, when I'm feeling stressed or anxious, I can't focus on blogging about it. Hope all is well in your world, and I'll see you when I see you.


M@ said...

I've been working steadily and frantically on the book these days, so I've been reading but not commenting. Just wanted to know -- what was the good restaurant in Mississauga? Sounds like it's about my speed...

L-girl said...

Hi there! I'll email you.