i'm back, but i'm not happy

Wmtc.ca is dead. Long live wmtc.blogspot.com.

Damn. I loved that URL. But I can't get it to work with Blogger anymore. And Blogger is still my best alternative for blogging. So here I am.

Here's the longer version, for those who like these things.

A while back, when Blogger announced they would support custom domains, they recommended using a CNAME to redirect your domain to Blogger. I already had been using my wmtc.ca address through FTP publishing, but that was problematic, and wouldn't support the new Blogger features, which I wanted. The new custom domain support seemed to address this.

However... Blogger didn't mention that using a CNAME means readers will not see the custom domain, but will see a Blogspot.com address. I thought that defeated the purpose of having a custom domain.

Many hosts suggested using URL forwarding as a way to work around this issue. I did that. It's been working perfectly for months. The URL forwarding uses frames, which most readers can't see, though some people experience problems from this.

Now it appears that a few days ago, Blogger choked off the workaround: they stopped supporting URL forwarding.

They didn't announce this, and apparently they don't think they had to, because they never said anyone could use URL forwarding in the first place. That is, we weren't "playing by the rules".

I discovered the problem on my own, through much trouble, and through a Blogger employee who I've dealt with before.

Now I'm really stuck. Frustrated and stuck.

I talked it over with Allan, and we agreed that my least worst alternative is to return to a Blogspot address. I won't use my original address of wemovetocanada.blogspot.com; instead I'll use what has been my "ghost" address, wmtc.blogspot.com.

I've set my server so that wmtc.ca will redirect to wmtc.blogspot.com.

This means:

  • Those of you who had problems with frames will no longer have those problems.

  • If you have wmtc.ca bookmarked, it should automatically redirect to wmtc.blogspot.com.

  • If you use Google Reader or other feed service, http://wmtc.blogspot.com/atom.xml will probably work best.

  • I'm not at all happy about this. But I can't fight it anymore. I'm whipped.

    * * * *

    In other news, the Red Sox have lost their last two games (which we've attended here in Toronto) and 4 of their last 5. The Yankees have been winning and are now only 2.5 games behind us. Our magic number (any combination of Red Sox wins and Yankee losses) is holding at 9 , with 10 games left to play.

    I still believe we'll win the division. But my stomach will be in knots until we do.


    Ferdzy said...

    Hello. Glad to see you back.

    Blogger is driving me crazy too. At least my blog hasn't vanished from sight. However, large numbers of my pictures have vanished, and I notice this on other peoples' sites too. I can't for the life of me figure out how to contact blogger. AGH!

    Off to catch up...

    L-girl said...

    Hooray, a comment! Hi Ferdzy!

    Whew, it's been hard to be down all this time.

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to contact blogger.

    It's a nightmare. The only thing you can do is to go the Blogger help group, post a question, be as specific as possible, then wait and hope for someone to reply.

    Most of the problems get fixed *eventually*.

    This should take you to the help group, but if it doesn't, the link is on your Blogger dashboard.

    redsock said...

    Laura's back ... and she's back big!

    L-girl said...

    Laura's back ... and she's back big!

    Thanks Don :)

    s1c said...

    been trying to get here for what seems like weeks. Fragging Gagne is killing.

    Welcome back

    p.s. Remy is saying on WEEI right now that Okajima is hurting (shoulder) arrrrrrgh!

    Mike said...

    Toast to wmtc.ca. It was great knowing you!

    Kate said...

    Oh, hooray, I'm so glad you're back!

    Woti-woti said...

    Welcome back! Look on it as a potential good karma thing. Maybe your return heralds the return of the GOOD Sox we've known most of the season.

    L-girl said...

    Wow, thank you so much, everybody. I got a lot of emails, too, asking what was up, if I'm ok. It's *very* nice to be missed.

    I thought I'd let y'all catch up before my next onslaught.

    L-girl said...

    Look on it as a potential good karma thing. Maybe your return heralds the return of the GOOD Sox we've known most of the season.

    Yeah! I'm down with that. The slide stops TONIGHT.

    Ben said...

    Glad you're back my dear. I stopped by the other day and got a very rude 404 at the door for my troubles. I was worried I'd broken something - it's usually my fault.

    Hope you get it all sorted soon.