depraved indifference to democracy

I have a tremendous Keith Olbermann for you. His anger brings tears to my eyes.

Please watch the whole thing.

Thanks to Joseph Cannon of Cannonfire for posting, and to Allan for sending it to me.


Scott M. said...

Not bad -- not my favourite KO though. I fundamentally agree with his stance on the war, but in this case he seems to be reading a lot more into that sentence than what I percieve it was intended to mean.

With english language usage being as imprecise as it is, it does rub me the wrong way when people go out of their way to overinterpret what is said for a political purpose.

L-girl said...

Scott, I am baffled by how someone as clearly intelligent as you can often seem so naive. I wonder if it's purposeful, or just a fundamental misunderstanding of what's going on in the United States.

Olbermann is not overinterpreting anything. Perhaps you still don't see the Bush regime for what it is.

L-girl said...

I was too harsh. I apologize.

Tell us what you think Olbermann is overinterpreting?

Scott M. said...

Again, I don't disagree with his conclusions. I disagree with his interpretation of the one sentence he referred to over and over again, that the president was "playing" on an oct/nov timeframe to have other candidates feel comfortable extending the Iraq military presence.

I disagree that the statement is saying he's treating the discussion trivally ("playing a game"). I also disagree that the statement means Bush wants to have troops there forever.

I *do* think that he is a Machiavellian, conniving little peice of crap who is destroying civil rights and the constitution in the country and has dragged the country into an intractible war. I just think that this statement doesn't "catch him in a lie" and is not nearly as compelling a peice of evidence as his actions and statements in the past.

L-girl said...

A close reading of language is often the key to understanding a speaker's true intent. Word choice often conveys volumes.

Do you know the US has built (and is building) permanent bases in Iraq?

Scott M. said...

I'm not surprised... They hope Iraq will be an ally if they ever win this war, and it's not unusual to have permanent bases in allied countries.

I think all that shows is how deluded they are - they won't win, and they won't be able to keep their base there without constant conflict.

L-girl said...

They hope Iraq will be an ally if they ever win this war, and it's not unusual to have permanent bases in allied countries.

Scott, with all due respect, your reading of this is stunning.

Not "ally". Occupation.

The US hopes to install a puppet government - as they have been attempting to do since the invasion - and permanently control the country and its resources.

If you call a US-controlled government that the general population will never accept as legitimate an ally, then I suppose you're right. But that's not what an ally is.

redsock said...

I have a gut feeling that the Iraqi people -- those who are both still alive and have not fled the country -- and many generations to follow will never have warm, fuzzy feelings about the US.

For 4+ years, they have seen the US destroy every aspect of their country, steal their oil while also torturing, raping and murdering their families and friends.

Scott M. said...

Scott, with all due respect, your reading of this is stunning.

Perhaps you'd like to read what I said again, then? I said "THEY" think that they will be allies with a free Iraq. I think that they will never be accepted.

Isn't that what you're saying?

L-girl said...

No, it's not what I'm saying.

I don't think the US thinks Iraq will be an ally.

I think they intend to control the region through an installed government, or to try to, anyway.

An ally is a country that freely shares interests and goals. Iraq will never be that. The Bush regime knows that but doesn't care, in my view.

Nikolas said...

how utterly sad...sigh. Gods, it never ceases to amaze me how much shrub has fucked up our country

L-girl said...

yeah, it's easier for people like me who think it was already so fucked up when he got there. he was just the last straw for me. (a very large straw!)