wmtc on the radio

In light of this news, I've been contacted by a radio station in Vancouver for an interview this Sunday. Do any west coast readers know The Cameron Bell Show on CKNW? I've had some bad experiences with media (most recently here), and I don't want to walk into another ambush. Naturally the producer assures me the show is harmelss, but they always say that.


Jere said...

Seems pretty tame, going by the description of the show on the site you link. If he was all "shock"y (or "schlock"y), they'd probably hype him as that. When all they can say about you is that you "take a closer look" at the week's stories, you're probably pretty, you know, normal.

If you want to put a face to the name, though, look here: http://members.shaw.ca/vancouverbroadcasters/bell_c2.jpg

Scott M. said...

If it was Bill Good (CKNW), or anyone CBC Radio One I'd say go for it 100% but I've never heard the Cameron Bell Show. I'd listen to the show up to the time they interview and pull out at the last minute if you must.

BC Radio can be pretty harsh.

Even CFRB though can be a little confrontational (best hosts for interviewees would be Leslie Roberts and John Moore).

Avoid AM640 Toronto like the plague.

Anonymous said...

I have a sense that you can handle whatever it might be! I've done a number of talk radio programs (on a different issue) and even the less "stellar" programs are pretty easy to manage. BTW, as you meet/talk with other folks who have moved or are in process, feel free - as appropriate - to mention my project! I keep seeing names in various articles, etc., but have no way to track 'em down to see if they'll participate. Thanks!

laura k said...

Thanks, all.

Jere, I hope you're right!

Scott, that's a good idea, listening in advance. I don't know if I can swing it, but I'll try.

For sure I would do CBC right away. They've contacted me once or twice, but the timing never worked out. The fact that this is AM "talk, sports, news" concerns me. AM radio is mostly crap.

MSEH, I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I don't find it easy at all. I've done a bit of media, too. I find the combative experiences really dispiriting - and a complete waste of my time. I have zero interest in debating with wingnuts just to further someone else's radio show.

I'm sorry to say I doubt I'll be able to mention your project. The whole interview will be brief - they're not giving me a major time slot, probably just a minute or two.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just to clarify - I didn't mean on air! I just meant as you encounter others, as you may do since so many know about wmtc. No prob. Re radio - I find the lack of depth far more frustrating than the wingnut! But, yes, context matters. Cheerio!

laura k said...

Oh silly me! I thought you meant on the air. :)

I'll try to pass your info around, for sure.