what does this passport mean to canada?

More good news from people choosing Canada: friend of wmtc Alex, of What does this win mean to the team?, is now a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Alex is originally from Ireland, then moved to the US. He moved to Canada for work reasons, loved it, and decided to stay. According to his timeline, he filed his first application for Permanent Residence status five days before Allan and I moved here. (Like us, Alex also had to correct his application and resubmit it.)

Now, almost two years later, CIC has requested his passport. That means: he's in! Alex says:
A year and a half might seem like a long time, but it falls within the 30% range according to the CIC website. Pretty good as far as I am concerned. I always remind myself that while, yes, it is a long time - imagine the wait for someone emigrating from a country you really want to get away from. Somewhere where the morning question isn't "Tim Hortons" or "Starbucks" - but which 20 mile trek has a better chance of leading to clean water. That is a little melodramatic, but sadly, it is a fact of life for millions.

I'm an immigrant twice over now, but each time it has been from one industrialized, English speaking country to another. Also, I'm not emigrating for political, religious, or some type of life saving reason. I'm doing it because I really love living in Canada.