up north, part 2

I asked about renting a cottage for a few days, where we could take the dogs, go for hikes, let them play in the water. I was only thinking of one night, not too far from home... but you know how these things grow.

James posted a link to the Lake Edge Cottages, in the Kawarthas, which he heard about through Toronto's Urban Dog. The place looked terrific, and super dog-friendly, and then we saw - drum roll - "all cottages are equipped with free wireless internet". This means we could watch baseball at night! Which means we can go away for several days. We didn't want to miss a game in the final week of the season, and now we don't have to.

The Red Umbrella - mentioned a few times in comments - looked fabulous. Check out the "For The Dogs link on their website:
* Our spacious lawns are free from any fertilizers or insecticides.

* We have a protected bay with warm shallow waters, where dogs enjoy there own "Doggie Beach"

* There are lots of doggie sheets available on request so dogs can enjoy all the comforts of the couches and soft beds.

* There are no children under the age of sixteen so an accident between an over exited child and a dog will never occur.

We loved that last bit about the over-excited child. Those are true dog lovers. But as much as we'd love to stay at a child-free establishment, the internet capability clinched it for Lake Edge.

So we're booking a cottage with a fireplace, right on the lake, for three nights in late September. Our first (Canadian) cottage experience - I'm excited!

Right now I'm in the thick of it with the notetaking work, trying to get the position. More on that as it develops.


mister anchovy said...

The Kawarthas are lovely. You should be aware,though that there has been a problem in some of the lakes there this summer with mysteriously dying carp. From what I've read, it may be caused by some kind of bacteria in the sediment that the carp pick up bottom-feeding. Tuffy's dad has a cottage on Pigeon Lake, and 3 or 4 weeks ago, there were quite a number of dead carp floating in front of the cottage. I haven't been up there since, but he says they are gone (where? picked up by the ministry people? who knows...) and there appear to be no new fish kills. Apparently, only the carp have been harmed by this strange problem. I don't know how many of the Kawartha Lakes have been affected, but you might want to ask the question of the cottage owner or try googling the name of the lake along with dead carp.

L-girl said...

Thanks for the info, Mr A. I've already booked it... so I guess we'll just have to hope for the best.