two years

Two years ago today, we moved to Canada.

I looked back to see what I wrote on our first anniversary. I'm not surprised to see that post was tinged with sadness, as we moved to Canada as a family of four, and celebrated that anniversary as three.

That's definitely the biggest difference as we celebrate this year: we are four again. We love Tala so much, and we are so happy she's in our lives.

We had to move, which sucked, and we love our new place, which doesn't.

We went to the Ice Hotel, something we had dreamed about for so many years.

I lost my job, found another, hated it and quit, and since then have gone through what feels like a hundred permutations and possibilities as I try to straighten out my working life. It has sometimes been tedious and tiring, and sometimes exciting and interesting. It certainly has not been boring.

I met lots of people, and made some good friends.

And towards the end of this second year, I added activism back to my life. For me, that completes the picture.

The biggest and truest thing I can say about this year is that now I feel completely at home. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada: this is my home.

For all our friends who are still waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting to get here, I can't say it often enough: hang in there, it is so worth it.


West End Bound said...

Happy Anniversary! Go have an order of TimsBits to celebrate!

One thing about the prOcess: It forces one to practice patience . . . .

David Cho said...

Wow, time just flies. Another blogging friend is set to move there.

Two years! Wow.

L-girl said...

Thanks, WEB!

David, time flew on this end, too. It always does these days... :)

Potato Head said...

Congratulations. At two years plus I increasingly find myself reading US blogs the way drivers rubberneck at highway accidents, with a mixture of horror and guilty fascination. To pick a different metaphor, I definitely feel like a spouse who's gotten out of an abusive relationship, one that's only gotten worse (as the Democrats demonstrate that it takes two to dysfunction) since we left.

Smartest move we ever made.

L-girl said...

Thanks, Potato Head!

I also use the abusive relationship analogy - esp when people say I gave up or ran away. There's a time when leaving is the smartest thing to do, and potentially lifesaving. At least mental-health-saving!

Thanks for stopping by and for your congrats.