news you probably don't care about

Yesterday was the MLB trade deadline. Thanks to the addition of pitcher Eric Gagne - Canadian, and long a favourite of mine - the Red Sox are now even stronger. Onward to October!


Granny said...

I've seen him both kick over a gatorade dispenser and rip a phone out of the wall when we were playing the Dodgers.

He's a great closer though. I've never figured out why LA traded him.

L-girl said...

He's a great closer though.

He sure is. And we already have a great closer. Money in the bank.

redsock said...

Gagne wasn't traded. He left as a free agent.

He was hurt for two years and had two elbow operations -- pitching only 13 innings in 2005 and 2 innings in 2006.

LA did make him an offer -- a decent one apparently -- but he decided to sign with Texas instead, in December 2006.