going to the ex today

We're going to the Canadian National Exhibition - The Ex - today with C&C. We already have (discounted) tickets, and we're planning on leaving our car at the Port Credit GO station and taking the train, as I've heard parking and traffic can be nightmarish. The kids might stay later while we have to get back for our game tonight.

It's our first time at the Ex. Tips, tricks, advice? Favourites not to miss?


James said...

Be sure to get a beaver tail. :)

Lorna said...

I love the EX! Probably mostly for nostalgia but I'm still hoping to make it there this weekend when I'm home. I love the agricultural building and the home building. Those product demonstrations are much funnier in person than on infomercials. The International buidling is a dissapointment as it mostly seems to be a crappy retail outlet. Of course the people watching is the best.

Ferdzy said...

As a kid I got taken there every year for my birthday (Aug 23) but I haven't been in years. Hope you have a great time. It's yer basic county fair on steroids.

L-girl said...

It's yer basic county fair on steroids.

That's it exactly. A very large county fair.

It was fun, but it was too damn hot to stay very long. We saw Superdogs (!!) which was the main attraction for me. I'll blog a bit about it tomorrow.

mister anchovy said...

Growing up in Toronto, my generation of kids always always went to the ex. These days, we go or don't go - not such a big deal. It seems to be a bit of a pastiche of it's former self. But then again, I'm sure I saw things differently as a kid. One thing for sure - the crowds aren't what they used to be.