• We bought the Loblaws bags and the biodegradable dog-waste bags. I'll have to see how big an expense the extra purchase turns out to be, but I'm thinking we can absorb it without noticing it.

    Also, as Ferdzy mentioned, even when you use fabric bags, you still end up with some number of plastic bags. We'll hoard those for non-recyclable household trash and dog pick-up.

  • I applied for the notetaking job! It's a lengthy screening and orientation process, but if they're smart, they'll hire me, because I'm perfect for this work. (Writers and editors in general would be.) They're hiring many people, so you're looking for work and this sounds right to you, email me for the 411. Full disclosure: I get a small referral bonus if you're hired.

  • I heart Craigslist! The notetaking work requires a laptop. Although it seems that everyone uses laptops these days, I work from a desktop, with a big flat-panel monitor, a keyboard tray, the works. I really prefer it for my primary computer.

    I also have my beloved iPAQ handheld, not exactly practical for classroom notetaking. Allan uses a laptop, which I can use when we travel, so I've never needed one of my own.

    Not knowing if notetaking will work out for me, I didn't want (and really can't afford) to buy a good new notebook, plus I need something very light because of issues with my joints. I posted a "wanted to buy" ad on Craigslist, yadda yadda yadda, yesterday I bought a ThinkPad in great condition, including a new wireless card, for $230. It's so nice and compact. I removed the battery, which I'll never use, to make it even lighter.

    I thought I would pick up a wireless mouse, since I've never used a TrackPoint and assumed I would find it difficult. I'm useless with a touchpad, and I assumed the TrackPoint would be similarly difficult. To my surprise, I'm getting accustomed to it very quickly. I think soon I will actually prefer it.

  • Let's see... do I owe you updates on anything else?


    Scott M. said...

    Any news on the pool?

    L-girl said...

    I'm going over there today, and was planning to update you later. :)

    I guess I should have waited, to make this post more complete, but if I don't blog in the morning, I can't think straight all day!

    Kate said...

    Even though you may not use the laptop battery all the time, you probably want to keep it in the computer. I have often tripped over or pulled out my cord accidentally, and with no battery, you lose all your data immediately. The battery gives you a nice buffer to get plugged back in. Same goes for a power outage. Just a thought - I'd hate to see you (or your students) lose work in the classroom.

    L-girl said...

    Thanks Kate. :)

    So many people suggested I take it out to make the laptop lighter, I assumed it was ok. No, huh? Rats.

    L-girl said...

    I have often tripped over or pulled out my cord accidentally, and with no battery, you lose all your data immediately.

    Wait a sec. What if you save constantly, as all good professional word-processors do? I hit control-S after almost every sentence.

    Kate said...

    Well, I was imagining you in your notetaking capacity. If you get unplugged, for whatever reason, and you don't have a battery, you have to plug back in, turn the computer back on, wait for it to boot up and pull up your document and all that -- all the while, the professor is still talking, talking, talking, and you're supposed to be taking notes. If you have a battery in, with the same situation, you just reach over the shove the plug back into the computer. Like you, I am CONSTANT saver, but in the notetaking scenario, I wouldn't risk it.

    L-girl said...

    You're right. I'm disappointed, but you're right.

    Thank you! I mostly likely wouldn't have thought of this until the problem occured and I screwed up somebody's notes.

    Kate said...

    Well I'm sorry, for your sake, that I'm right -- lugging around a heavy laptop is no fun. But I hope that ultimately, using the battery will save you some aggravation.

    L-girl said...

    Well, that's why I wanted the lightest laptop possible. Losing a student's notes would be horrible - worse than losing my own work - so I truly thank you for the tip.