three days of 9-5 does not kill me

Especially since I got out at 4 every day.

Training was excruciatingly boring, but the trainer was good, we took lots of breaks, and best of all, we ended early and were paid for the full day.

Working downtown for three days, I was asked for directions seven times, all when there were tons of other people around. And I work three blocks from Union Station. (Last week I took a long walk around Mississauga Valley Boulevard, and was asked for directions twice - by people driving past, who pulled over when they spotted me.)

New Firm seems good so far. I think the job may last for a while, as I'm filling in for someone is seriously ill. Weird, isn't it, to benefit from someone else's misfortune?


Ferdzy said...

Yeah, it is, but glad to hear nevertheless. Hope it continues to go well.

By the way, I have started a new blog on food. The impetus was a post you did a while ago asking about how much local food we were all eating. Remember it?

L-girl said...

I totally do. I have been meaning to do a follow-up. I'm glad to know it inspired a blog! I'll check it out.