a possible absence

Tomorrow I start a three-day training for the new part-time/contract job. For once I won't complain about training, because no matter how boring it may be, I'm paid by the hour and can use the bucks. After that, I have one day of appointments and busy-ness, then Friday we leave for a brief road trip.

First we head to Vermont for our friend Ray's wedding, a Hawaiian luau in a northern Vermont backyard. In Vermont we visit Allan's grandmother and some other relatives he has reconnected with. (Although the man has very little family, we have managed to see them - and stay with them - in three different states, including Alaska, plus one province.)

From Vermont we'll drive slightly south into western Massachusetts, to spend some time with nephew D before he moves back to New Mexico.

A five-day Allan-and-Laura road trip is always fun, especially since I feel like I haven't left my house except for job interviews and the gym in months!

So that's the week ahead, and I know you'll understand if I don't blog much while it's in progress.*

* Although every time I say that I end up blogging daily, so we'll see.


Ferdzy said...

Have a great time everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Have fun and safe travels!

gito said...

Enjoy! Hey you're always taking short/cool vacations! :-) I envy you that! Take care.

L-girl said...

Thanks, all. :)

Hey you're always taking short/cool vacations! :-) I envy you that!

Well, this year we can't take one big great vacation (a la Peru last year) so we're doing a bunch of smaller trips. Too bad the one to Ottawa had to be scrapped.

I prefer the one big trip to someplace amazing and far away... but the short trips do help break up the year, and they are fun, too.

And now back to training... :)