my dogs are so thoughtful

Our dogs always get us cards for our birthdays and anniversaries. They are so thoughtful that way.

Allan and I don't usually go for cards with messages; we usually buy blank cards and write our own. So this one surprised me. (Uh, even though it wasn't "from" Allan.) I really love it.
Every dog lover should

know his dog's birthsign; leave phone messages for the dog; get birthday gifts from the dog; consider getting a cat for the dog; see babies and think puppies; have a near-miss in traffic because a dog was walking by; have stepped in some, barefoot, in the dark; know better than to leave a closet open; know all dogs by name, if not all owners; be pleased to learn that 63% of you sleep with them; buy anything a dog is selling; should be counted on to ask, no matter what other awful things are reported, Was the dog ok; understand they are never replaced; and you will fall in love again...

Oh no, I teared up this time, too.


redsock said...

buy anything a dog is selling

I imagine Clyde working behind a sidewalk lemonade stand.

(Actually, the first line of the card had a typo: "leave phone mesages". Hard to believe.)

L-girl said...

I imagine Clyde working behind a sidewalk lemonade stand.

God would that be cute.

David Cho said...

consider getting a cat for the dog

What's that supposed to mean? Does it mean what I think it means?

Be sure to check Youtube's Hug a Pet Day :)

L-girl said...

Does it mean what I think it means?

Not being a mind reader, I can't answer that, but I take it to mean that you want to get your dog a pet of its own to keep it company. That you're a dog person but you might get a cat, just for the dog, not for you.

David Cho said...

You should know how twisted I am by now :).

I am thinking of the Far Side cartoon about dog heaven. It's full of mail men and running for their lives as the dogs chase them and fire hydrants shaped like cats for dogs to pee on.

L-girl said...

I know the one. :)

Tom said...

Very nice card. I related to much it.

Our cat has a dog and our dog has a cat.