happy canada day

Happy Canada Day - our second in Canada!

I'm pleased to report that wmtc2 was a great success. Turnout was good and people really seemed to enjoy themselves. I had a great time, and what more can you ask of your own party.

Tala and Cody were big hits. James and Lori brought Cobalt, and Tala has made a lot of progress in the other-dogs-in-her-backyard dynamic. There were two surprise appearances by other (very tiny!) dogs, but their people wisely kept them in laps. They were, shall we say, bite-sized.

After everyone left, Allan and I were relaxing among the empty chairs and the citronella torches, and we both remarked that it's great to be able to have an annual backyard party. That may sound funny if you've always been comfortable, but it's something we really appreciate. It's so nice to have the space, to be able to afford it, and to be happy enough with our lives and each other that we want to make the effort.

Thanks to everyone who made it, and many thanks to James, Lori, Scott and Dawn for their generous contributions*. It really helped. To everyone who couldn't be there this year: wmtc3.

* And to everyone else for a variety of fluids, dog treats and even a basil plant.


MJ said...

Happy Canada Day!

It's a bit technical, but I thought this recent paper in the Quarterly Journal of Political Science might interest you two:

The Etiology of Public Support for the Designated Hitter Rule

L-girl said...

Thanks, MJ! One of us likes the technical stuff... and hates the DH. I'll pass it along to Mr Redsock. :)

AviShalom said...

In observance of Canada Day, watch the Oilers fans singing the national anthem. Especially note the guy the camera catches at about 0:58. Awesome.

(The hat tip here goes to Michael at The Reaction.)

L-girl said...

Nice! Thank you, AviShalom.

I never had a national anthem that meant anything to me. O Canada makes me happy.

teflonjedi said...

Sounds like y'all had a great Canada Day...sorry I wasn't there (again)...