I forgot to wish everyone a happy Pride Weekend. My thoughts go out especially to the folks spending their first Pride in Canada - and even more especially to Gito and Juan, who fought so hard to be together, and now they are, in their new home. Next year, I'll say that for Tom and Emilio!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Lots of love to all.


Granny said...

My son is having a wonderful time in San Francisco this weekend.

He usually marches (and I used to) but decided to catch up with friends instead.

Jere said...

Imagine a country where people have to "fight" (or leave) to be together, minding their own business.

Then imagine if that country called itself "land of the free."

What a crazy land that would be....

L-girl said...

Thanks for that, Jere. Very good and important thoughts.

(Hi Granny!)

Tom said...

Thanks Laura.

We had a great weekend with old friends. The parade was fantastic.

We look forward to celebrating next year in Toronto.

Jere, I appreciate your perspective, we feel exactly the same way.

Granny, what an awesome Mom your are!