more brief updates

  • The "Engrish" editing job may not have been a scam after all. And here I deleted the question mark from the title of that post! They're looking into other methods of payment. If they'll use PayPal, I'll do it.

  • I realized I can do the notetaking work without making a long-term commitment. If no weekend doc-pro spot comes up through the summer (which I suspect will be the case), I can apply for notetaking work in August, and if I'm accepted, start work in September. Notetaking during the college term will buy me some time to wait for a good doc-pro job, as opposed to taking a schedule I dread. So while there's not enough work for my main employment, it might be an interesting and well-paid stop-gap.

  • I've been copyediting websites for various people who are not native speakers of English. I enjoy the work, and I wouldn't mind doing a lot more of it. I put an ad on Craigslist (me and a zillion other people), and I'm brainstorming other avenues to find work. Woti-Woti suggested contacting universities about thesis editing, which I have to look into. Feel free to jump in if you've got ideas.

    David Cho said...

    I meant to say that someone's suggestion to work with international students is a great idea.


    How about copyediting websites for people who are NATIVE SPEAKERS? Their "English" can be atrocious too.

    L-girl said...

    How about copyediting websites for people who are NATIVE SPEAKERS? Their "English" can be atrocious too.

    Too true! However, they seldom seem to realize it. Whereas people using English as a second or third language might be more aware of their deficits. Plus easier for me to find!

    I've got to find some of these international students. The ones with money, anyway. :)

    Ferdzy said...

    Alas, no suggestions, just wishes for good luck to reward your diligence.

    I removed myself from the employment rat-race for a reason, and I have to say I've never regretted it.

    Lee said...

    L-girl, http://kijiji.ca might be another good place to post your ads.

    Bonne chance!

    L-girl said...

    Thanks, Lee! I never heard of that site. It looks very extensive. Thanks for thinking of me.