voting with your feet

Attention US-to-Canada crew: you may be interested in this project.

From Pandora Hopkins, who has voted with her own feet:
Voting With Their Feet is an oral history project designed to document politically-motivated emigration from the United States during the last quarter century, from the Reagan administration, or even before, to the present time.

It consists principally of recorded interviews with individuals who have chosen to leave the United States, driven away by the implementation of a series of reactionary social, political, economic and military policies. The tape recordings and accompanying materials will be housed in an archive to be used for academic purposes and only with the written permission of the contributors.

The immediate aim of the project is the publication of material from the taped interviews in book form, a work to be edited by Victoria Fontan, Ph.D, (Costa Rican office) and Pandora Hopkins, Ph.D. (Mexican office), with Angelica Perez Paulin G., coordinator of the Mexican Regional Collection.

This is a global project documenting the dissatisfaction of U.S. citizens with their government's policies over the last quarter century and more. If you are one of the people who decided at some point to "walk with their feet," let us know. We would very much like to hear from you. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail.



West End Bound said...

Thanks . . . . are you going to be a participant?

L-girl said...

I'm going to contribute, but I'm not yet sure what form that will take. My Globe & Mail essay might be re-printed in their collection, or some excerpts from wmtc.

I prefer to use my own writing, rather than do an interview and turn it over to someone else.

So yes, I will participate in the project as a whole, but not as oral history.

Ferdzy said...

I wonder if I would count? I only lived in the US for a year a long time ago, but when they invaded Iraq I went and renounced my US citizenship. (I used to have dual citizenship.)

L-girl said...

Ferdzy, I didn't know that! I knew you had been a US citizen, but not the rest. You'll have to tell me how you renounced it - in case I ever do the same. (I might. Not sure yet.)

I think they'd be very interested in your story. If you want to contribute, I would definitely drop them a line.

Ferdzy said...

Well, it was pretty straightforward - I went to the American Consulate in Toronto and filled out a form. (Once they hastily photocopied it - it was their last one, ha ha.)

As far as the emotional trajectory, I wrote a bit about it in my blog, quite a while ago now.


L-girl said...

Interesting! Thanks so much for the link, I will check it out tomorrow.

Ferdzy said...


Okay, it didn't show up completely in my last post. You may have to piece this together, but hopefully it will work.