voting for democrats = magical thinking

David Sirota writes, "We Gave Them Our Hearts, And They Gave Us A Blank Check".
Democratic politicians, Capitol Hill staff, political consultants and all their lobbyist friends sitting comfortably tonight in their Northwest Washington homes believe the public thinks Democrats are "weak" because they don't more strongly support leaving American troops to be killed or maimed in the middle of a bloody civil war in a country half way around the globe that had no WMD and had nothing to do with 9/11. What they seem unable - or unwilling - to realize is that the public has believed Democrats are weak not because some in the party have opposed the war, but because many in the party refuse to wield the power the public entrusts them with on all sorts of issues. At least on Iraq - the biggest issue of the day - the public's perception has proven right. As I wrote to one congressional lawmaker in an e-mail correspondence we had today: "The spoils go to those who use the power they are entrusted with, while infamy goes to those who squander it."

In the movie "Say Anything," John Cusack famously laments after being dumped that "I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen." The American people gave Democrats their heart in November 2006. In return, Democrats gave George Bush a blank check in May 2007. We gave them our heart, they gave him a blank check. That will make May 24, 2007 a dark day generations to come will look back on - a day when Democrats in Washington not only continued a war they promised to end, but happily went on record declaring that they believe in their hearts that government's role is to ignore the will of the American people.

Read the whole thing here, it's good.

I won't be the first blogger - or the hundredth - to compare Democrat voters to battered women. If you've ever known (or been) someone - of any gender - who returned to a bad relationship, time and time again, imagining this time will be different, despite all past evidence that no time is ever different, despite his very obvious pattern of saying anything to get you back, then once you're there (once you've voted for them), it's the same old, same old... the analogy is pretty obvious.

Just keep voting for those cats.

Keep changing your shirt. (Thanks to Ferdzy for reminding me of this excellent grook.)

World Can't Wait says, "Congress capitulates, but we can't." Lots of excellent organizing ideas and tools on their website.

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