red sox vs blue jays part 2

The roof was open at Skydome last night, and the first-place Red Sox thrashed the last-place Blue Jays 9-2. I don't usually follow standings this early in the season, but the standings are so much fun right now, it's irresistible.

The open dome completely changes the experience at the Rogers Centre/Skydome; it makes it a really nice ballpark. Blue Jays fans were feisty last night, if ill-informed. They're not the most baseball-savvy fans I've ever seen, but they're making noise and getting behind their team. As one of Roddy Doyle's characters would say, can't say fairer than that.

Tonight is the second wmtc baseball night. I think we'll be treated to the night sky again. But the real treat will be Daisuke Matsuzaka! I'm excited to see him again.

But first, it's back to the vet this morning. Tala's having some issues. How quickly they are resolved will determine whether or not we go to Ottawa next week, as planned, or suddenly have a lot more time. We shall see.


Nigel Patel said...

Always thought Canada should have more Major League baseball teams even before they lost the Expos.
And think of how happy it would make Geddy.

L-girl said...

It would make me happy, too.

As it is, that's partly why we chose Toronto. Well, that and finding work.

redsock said...


Kinda cloudy today. Bigger question mark about the roof.

Loudest cheers from Jays' fans last night -- by far -- were for the wave and for the many paper airplanes people in the upper deck sent sailing down towards the field.

Redsock 3:26: "Any person caught doing the wave at a baseball game shall be henceforth banished from all future major league baseball games."