pupdate - updated with good news!

Our little Tala Bobala is very sick.

Two nights ago, I was up all night with her. We both stayed home yesterday and were back and forth to the vet all day - blood work, x-rays, the works.

Last night she had a quiet night, and this morning there seemed to be improvement. But then, more backsliding. Most worrying are signs of internal bleeding.

It might be an obstruction in her intestines, requiring surgery. Or it might be a chronic condition, requiring meds and special diet. Or it might be... something else. First we had to stabilize her, and now the vet is still assessing the diagnostics.

I'm at work today, but Allan is home with the patient. She seems happy and perky, so that's a relief.

I'm very grateful we've found a vet who we trust and feel good about. She's in Port Credit, near our old place, recommended to us by our former neighbour, who has a dog with some special needs. Based on our considerable experience with vets, if this doc wasn't as good as she is, we'd probably be seeking a specialist by now.

Allan is very good at staying in the present and not worrying. Me, not so much. Upon leaving her at the vet's office yesterday for x-rays, I burst into tears. After losing Buster, it took us so long to be ready to love another dog. I can't bear the thought of anything happening to her.

Is there some Law of Nature that says we must have one high-maintenance dog at all times? Does the Universe bring us dogs with issues lurking, because we will see them through no matter what?

* * * *


Tala's symptoms have greatly improved. Whew!

We still have to figure out what's wrong, and how we can prevent a return engagement. And of course we have to be super careful about her diet and meds. But right now, there's a great improvement. Whew!

Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes, both in comments and by email. I really appreciate it.


Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Oh, jeez. I'm sorry.

She's in my thoughts, and you.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, not again.

My thoughts are with you, redsock and Tala.

L-girl said...

Thank you both so much.

I am reminding myself that Buster had not one, but three, chronic conditions, and it was the confluence of those that led to our decision to put him down.

My vet tells me that IBD is generally very manageable (although serious) and if Tala is otherwise healthy, it's not a death sentence.

I am telling myself this, over and over.

OK, I'm at work and I'm starting to cry, so I'll sign off. Thanks again.

L-girl said...

Plus it might be something less serious than IBD. Ok bye.

David Cho said...

She looks so healthy and full of life.

You, tala and redsock will be in my thoughts.

L-girl said...

Thanks, David. :)

She's acting very full of life, too. She's not acting depressed or like she's in pain. So that's very encouraging.

M@ said...

Just the update I'd been hoping for! Hang in there, people and pups. Looking forward to more positive updates soon.

Granny said...

I was glad to read your update. Hope she continues to improve.

Ferdzy said...

Sorry to hear she's sick, glad to hear she's feeling better.

I hope you figure out what it is soon.

Daniel wbc said...

Allan is very good at staying in the present and not worrying. Me, not so much. Upon leaving her at the vet's office yesterday for x-rays, I burst into tears.

This somehow sounds familiar to me ...

I'm sorry to hear of Tala's health issues; it's so distressing to have someone you love sick or in pain.

You're in our thoughts. Don't forget to be good to yourselves and give yourselves little treats, reminders of good things.

Glad to hear the update of better news.

Scott M. said...

Hopefully it's something simple like a spider bite or the like.

Good luck tala!

L-girl said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone. :)

Thought for the day: "...indicates internal bleeding in the small intestines" is not a fun thing to hear.

I swear I'd rather have the pain myself than watch my dog (or anyone else I love) go through it. If that sounds crazy, so be it.

L-girl said...

This somehow sounds familiar to me ...

I thought it might. :)

dogsled_stacie said...

Hey Laura - sorry to hear Tala wasn't feeling well, but good to hear she's feeling better! I didn't know she was sick, any ideas on what it might be? What are her symptoms?

L-girl said...

Hi Stacie, it might be inflammatory bowel disease, or it might be bleeding ulcers, or it might be a food allergy. The vet also thought something might be lodged in her instestines, an obstruction of some sort, but now that's been ruled out.

She also had a bad reaction to one of the meds - something the vets had never seen before. That made things worse for a bit...

She's much better right now, but we have to proceed very, very carefully.

loneprimate said...

I've been sorry to hear of the trouble... but she's so lucky to have you. So many people would, can, do, simply abandon pets with health issues... may their Karma see to that in this life or the next. :( On the other hand, folks like you... well, I think the good you do comes back to you. This is not unimportant in scheme of things.

L-girl said...

LP, thank you for your very kind words, my friend.