ottawa will have to wait

Ah well, we've had to cancel our trip to Ottawa. Or, I should say, postpone until some later, undetermined date.

So many reasons. Tala's sick and we really need to monitor her condition. We both have writing assignments, and being out of town cuts into our time too much. To cap it off, money is tight right now, mostly because of vet bills.

Unfortunately, this means that I'll have to interview Steven Fletcher by phone. But then, that's how I do most interviews. It's not a big deal.

The upside is I am suddenly not pressed for time! That's almost better than going away.

Thanks very much to readers who made suggestions for this trip. We will definitely go to Ottawa some other time, and whenever that is, I'll have your ideas with me.


Scott M. said...

Where the hell are you???

L-girl said...

Sitting right next to you. :)