end interleague play

I got tired of complaining to other baseball fans and decided to complain to management.

If you are a baseball fan, please read the petition to end interleague play. If you agree, please sign it and pass it on, especially to any baseball blogs or message boards you may know. Thanks!


Mark Campbell said...

Okay so...I tried to leave a comment on your post about the Sox lead over the Yankees... it kept bouncing back so I am trying here:

My sense was that you were almost apologizing for being so jubilant about the aligning of the baseball planets. My view - when the Sox are way out in front, and the Yankees are pathetic, we dance and celebrate with complete abandon.

L-girl said...

Nope, you're reading me all wrong. No way I'm apologetic. I'm unabashedly, unashamedly loving every minute of it.

As I say all the time, I want only two things out of this season: the Red Sox to win the division, and the Yankees to stay home. The bigger the lead, the better!

L-girl said...

I just went back and read that post, and I don't see anything apologetic about it!