opening day

It's Opening Day!!!!!!!

That's what I feel like! A bunch of inarticulate exclamation points!

Ah, spring. Some people know it by the flowers blooming and the birds singing. I know spring is here because Allan is photocopying score sheets. Soon the rhythm of our home will follow the Red Sox schedule.

I'm extra happy on this Opening Day because I was supposed to be working, then tomorrow I'm leaving for the first of two trips. I thought I wasn't going to watch baseball with Allan for two whole weeks. But because of the upheaval at my workplace, there's no reason to parcel out vacation days anymore. So instead of working 12 hours today, then coming home and packing, I'm spending the day at home, and we can watch our game together at 4:00. Yay and double yay.

I feel terrible for the people affected by Major League Baseball's idiotic cash grab - hard core fans who follow out-of-town teams, but can't get satellite from the company with the exclusive rights. Their only recourse is to watch games on their computers - but only if they're in the same time zone. You can't record games from MLB's internet broadcasts, so if you're, say, on the west coast and work normal business hours, you can't see the games at all.

These are fans who are willing to cough up hundreds of dollars to see their teams, but baseball would rather make a satellite provider richer than make its fans happy. If you're interested, Allan posted a good column about it, written by Joe Nocera for The New York Times.

If we were in New York right now, we'd be going nuts. But because we're in Canada, and DirecTV isn't available here at all, Rogers can get our Extra Innings package as usual. Whew! Another reason to love Canada? Why not.

I also have a phone interview today for the job I want. I don't expect to get an offer today, but I'm hoping they contact me while I'm away. More on my upcoming travels later. Enjoy your day.


Scott M. said...

Cool thing about Rogers (you'll rarely hear me say that...) is that you can get the Super Sports Pack for $27/month, minimum 4 months.

So if you are only interested in 4 months of the 7 month season, you can pay $108 for that 4 months and get, if you are interested (depending on the 4 months you pick), NBA League Pass, NHL Centre Ice, Nascar HotPass, and NFL Sunday Ticket. I think there's a few more in there too.

Even if you wanted the full 7 months, the cost is $160 for Extra Innings alone, $189 for all sports for those months. Seeing as the season ends on October 1 or 2 generally, you can just miss those games (much is decided by then anyway) and pay $162 for all of the sports.

Or you can be like me and not subscribe to any sports, and watch only Curling.

Scott M. said...

Good luck, btw, with the phone interview! Hopefully Even Better Firm becomes Best Firm I've Worked For.

laura k said...

Good luck, btw, with the phone interview! Hopefully Even Better Firm becomes Best Firm I've Worked For.

Thanks Scott! More on this very soon.

Re Extra Innings, I'll ask Allan to look at your comment. That's his department.

Seeing as the season ends on October 1 or 2 generally, you can just miss those games

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! What a funny guy you are. :)

Scott M. said...

Actually, it looks like in your case there are no October games!


Gotta love the MLB URLs... :)

Jere said...

One minor thing--I've heard you and Allan say the thing about west coast people. But can't they just watch the archived game on mlb.tv, which goes up ahirtly after the game ends? As an alternative to recording it on there, which like you said can't be done.

Not like that makes any of this any better. At all. But I just thought of that.

Congrats on the new job. Hopefully I'm next...

Jere said...

That travesty of a word was supposed to be "shortly."

laura k said...

Congrats on the new job. Hopefully I'm next...

Yes! Good luck - and thank you.

allan said...

We did get the Sports Pack. We'll get it for six months; post-season games are not part of the deal.

Jere: I believe that the archived games are not up until the next morning. At which point, West Coast Red Sox Fan is back at work.

If his job permits, he could watch a 20-30 minute recap of the game on mlb.com, which offers only the pitches on which "something happened".

WCRSN could watch Monday's archived game on Tuesday night, but chances are he already knows the score, highlights, etc. from the online papers. What are the chances he'll avoid all media during the entire season so he doesn't get the outcome befor ehe watches?

MLB is fucking over these fans -- completely. And MLB says there is really no problem, these few fans are overreacting and their complaining is, as Selig put it, "ridiculous".