u.s. readers: pick up the phone

I'm sure wmtc readers in the US already know this, but just in case... Please call your representatives today.

The House of Representatives could vote today to authorize another $100 billion towards the endless war. Democrat House leadership is trying to portray the supplemental spending bill as a positive step toward ending the war. Even certain organizations that claim to be progressive support the bill and claim it is a step towards peace.

The peace movement strongly disagrees.

Please call your Congressperson and urge her or him to vote no on the supplemental, to vote no on the "Iraq Accountability Act", and to support military funding only for troop withdrawal (the Lee amendment).

You can call the Congressional Switchboard for free at 888-851-1879. Ask the operator to connect you to your Representative's office. If you are not sure who represents you in Congress or how to reach her or him, try this site.


MSS said...

There is not much point in calling "my" representative. Because I simply do not have one. No one represents me. And the "Representative" elected from the arbitrary district that I happen to live in has no reason to listen to me.

The measure did get 218 votes, so hats off to Pelosi, Obey, and the Out of Iraq Caucus for getting a much tougher measure out than seemed possible even a week ago.

This is only the start of the process. But it is a start.

L-girl said...

Hats off for voting for the Supplemental?

This bill continues funding the war. It gives Bush another $100 billion.

My hat stays on.