what i'm watching: "let's go back to new york, at least there's no jews there"

We saw "Borat" last night. I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time. He is really an amazing talent.

If any wmtc readers read a lot about the making of this movie, I have two questions. How did they get the bear? And, was Pamela Anderson in on it? Because if she wasn't, that would have been an absolutely terrifying experience. As she's running around - and as Cohen is evading capture - it seemed improbable to me.

For anyone curious about the much-hyped DVD extras, they are, in fact, hype. There's nothing "too outrageous" for the film. The promo clips are very funny, but all the good scenes are in the movie itself.


allan said...

Re Anderson: MTV (don't bother with its shitty, hard-to-navigate website) tried to find out:

How on earth did Sacha Baron Cohen manage to walk up to one of the most desirable female stars in the world, put a giant sack over her head and not get beaten to a bloody pulp and/or shot by her bodyguards?

"I love Sacha, he's such a nice guy," said a smiling Pamela Anderson — who might just give the best performance of her career in the film while playing herself.

"All I can say was that she was extremely good-humored about what happen to her," Charles said of the shocking scene in which Borat tries to abduct Anderson after he's fallen in love with her. "She ultimately, ultimately, had no problem."

"I think it's a huge compliment," Anderson said of Borat's obsession with her. "It was great." Asked how she got involved with the film, the former "Baywatch" star turned away for a moment to think, then replied, "I can't really say. I'm sworn to secrecy." ...

It's hard to imagine that the Anderson abduction went down without the actress' knowledge — no media outlets reported the ruckus — but what is quite likely is that Baron Cohen and Anderson arranged the ruse together, and then hired unknowing guards to react to the events.

"His whole movie was a mind-blowing experience," was all Anderson would say when asked if the guards were real. "It's breaking new ground. He's the new Monty Python." The actress added that she trusts her cameo won't encourage other love-struck fans to try to throw potato sacks over her head. "I hope not," she grinned.

An "insider" told the NY Post: "There's no way Sacha and a camera operator could have gotten past her bodyguards in real life and then manhandled her ... It was filmed by pros so it looks completely realistic, as if Pamela had no clue. There is improvisation, but nobody was in the dark."

laura k said...

Allan, thanks for that. That no media reported the scene is a huge clue. Can you imagine if a stranger had actually done that at a signing?? We'd still be hearing about it.

Jere said...

Last I read about that whole thing, Kid Rock saw the movie and got pissed about that scene, prompting him and Pam to break up. I can assure you, I made no attempt to follow up on that, so I don't know if they got divorced or if they were even married or what.

While in Boston right after the movie came out, I saw on the local news that the old couple (who turned into cockroaches) actually lived in Mass somewhere, not the south as they claimed in the film. The cool thing is, they started getting calls from people who saw them in the movie. So they went and saw it themselves and thought it was hilarious! They spoke of how loud they remember the two guys being, but were just kind of amused by the whole thing. The old man said he didn't mind the scene itself, because "how often do you get in the movies?" They understood it was comedy--which I wouldn't have necessarily expected from people of that generation. And the roaches, of course, were superimposed.

laura k said...

Oh cool. Thanks Jere!

They understood it was comedy--which I wouldn't have necessarily expected from people of that generation.

My mother and all her (Jewish) friends loved the movie. I thought that was great, as they don't always like "modern" humour. They wouldn't like Sarah Silverman, for example. Allan and I once watched Greg The Bunny at my mother's place and she thought it was ridiculous, and not funny at all.

But all these senior Jewish women thought Borat was hilarious. Although they all remarked that one scene was "too gross for words". You can guess which one.

allan said...

If you've seen the extras:

That's also cheese.

The supermarket scene gets abruptly cut off -- I really want to know how long it went on for. Cohen probably couldn't believe it himself.

When Borat approaches Anderson's table, he starts telling her this long story and uses the word "rapist" a couple of times. Whether she understood any of what he was saying, she would have heard that.

And from being in a few lines for autographs myself, the idea that someone could bring a gift and spread it out and start describing it without being stopped is highly unlikely. Uusally, a security person will take the item.

I will say this -- Cohen's got a lot of guts trying to kiss young guys on the NYC subway.

allan said...

She was married to Kid Rock and after he flipped out seeing her in the movie, she filed for divorce.

Which is weird. As the snarky guy who run the website The Superficial wrote: "It's probably the least slutty thing Pamela Anderson has done since she was twelve."

A friend of paMELa says: "She was in on the gag from the very beginning."

laura k said...

That's also cheese.

That was quite brilliant. It was very Andy Kaufman-esque - seeing how far he could go.

I will say this -- Cohen's got a lot of guts trying to kiss young guys on the NYC subway.

HUGE guts. "Saturn" guts. I'd say mangling the Star Spangled Banner at a Texas rodeo took some intestinal fortitude, too.

A friend of paMELa says: "She was in on the gag from the very beginning."

It makes sense. She would have to be. That didn't detract from the humour, though, IMO.

laura k said...

So no one knows about the bear?

Pseudonym said...

A lot of people came forward indicated that they had been fooled by Sacha Cohen. No such admission came from Pamela so you can make your own conclusion. Especially considering she has been very evasive. But I have found nothing on the bear either.

David Cho said...

I am glad that you liked it. Loved it too. I am intrigued by how he got the bear too.

Have you heard of Da Ali Gi show? It is very similar.

This one particular episode that was on Youtube had interviews with James Baker, Newt Gingrich, and Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

How did he get around to arrange these interviews. That is what I want to know. A regular person can't just walk up to these guys for an interview in front of a camera without their handlers doing some background checks on you.

Also he plays a gay character, and manages to do cheers alongside with the University of Alabama cheerleaders. How did he arrange to do that? Of course you fear the football fans booing him.

You should just rent DVDs.

i.p. pavlova said...

I liked the movie a lot, but I still prefer the Borat segments on Da Ali G Show. Maybe that's just because I saw the show first.

laura k said...

How did he get around to arrange these interviews. That is what I want to know.

That's my issue with Ali G. (Of course I know the show!) The character is hilarious, but I'm always unconvinced that the people he's interviewing aren't in on the joke.

Also Ali G is a little too one-note for me. It's a very funny note, but the character isn't as versatile as Borat.

But I'm quibbling. The guy is still amazing.

laura k said...

But I have found nothing on the bear either.

I guess no one was as intrigued with it as I was, enough to ask in an interview. Thanks for looking! :)

David Cho said...

BTW, where the Pamela thing takes place isn't too far from my house.

I wish Borat/Ali Gi would do some stuff with Asian people.