fingers crossed

I'm holding off Cheap Firm as a potential safety, and Better Firm isn't making a decision until mid-April. Meanwhile, I had a great interview yesterday at Even Better Firm.

Here's a great lesson in being proactive in a job search - or in anything. I haven't been waiting to see weekend jobs posted or announced. I'd like all the human resource people to have my resume and know that I'm available. Weekend staff is hard to find, and I want them to know that an excellent person is available.

To that end, I've been emailing my resume and cover letter to the HR managers at all the major downtown law firms. It helps that I'm part of this famous dissolution; our resumes are getting a little more consideration.

This week I heard about another firm with a good reputation, and sent. The following day, I received this reply: "Even Better Firm doesn't currently have weekend staffing, but we've been talking about implementing it." !!

She told me the schedule they had been thinking of; it was awful. I told her I wasn't available for that, but here's what I'm looking for. Her reply: "Could you come in for an interview? We may be able to accommodate your preferred schedule." Bingo!

I interviewed yesterday, and it was gangbusters. My resume came across the HR desk at precisely the right time. By the time I got back to my desk at Dissolving Firm, Even Better Firm had emailed asking for references.

I'm really excited about Even Better Firm. This job would have the added advantage that I'd be working alone on the weekends. For my day job, that's the best.

I have a phone interview with my potential supervisor on Monday. Fingers crossed.


Miche said...

It's nice when you get a choice among good options!

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Fingers are definitely crossed for you!

David Cho said...

Go get'em, Laura.