early spring

Ah, the backyard. After living in an apartment for all of my adult life, I cannot get over the simple pleasure of sitting in my backyard, enjoying the peaceful quiet, listening to the birds chirp. As I always say, living in New York, the only thing I missed was having some private outdoor space. But I really missed it. And now, I enjoy it immensely.

Allan and I both couldn't wait for the snow to melt and the weather to warm up, just so we could sit outside, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and watch the dogs play. Yesterday was our first opportunity.

Cody's our first dog to ever have her own backyard (Buster lived briefly in the old house, but he couldn't play off the leash, and the backyard wasn't fenced in, so it wasn't the same). Now Tala is our first dog to never know apartment life.

When I watch them play, I still sometimes feel bad that Gypsy and Clyde never enjoyed this simple luxury. It's ridiculous, of course. We took them to the park all the time, we all went upstate together, they went hiking and swimming. We gave them the best lives we possibly could, after rescuing them both from certain death. But I can't help it. When I see Cody and Tala running around outside, or just relaxing on the lawn, any time they want, I wish I could have done this for my G and little munchkin, too. Ah, well.

Those dogs never had a mommy with a digital camera, either! I just put more photos up at Flickr. It's just more of the same, but I can't stop enjoying them.

tala cody backyard 03 131

tala cody backyard 03 122
the snow melted... and the sticks reappeared!

tala cody backyard 03 116
happiness is just a stick away

tala cody backyard 03 105
tala doesn't care about sticks. she's too busy with her kong.

tala cody backyard 03 050
these two are in love.


redsock said...

Cody's first outdoor dinner of 2007! (For whatever reason, she loves it.)

L-girl said...

Yes! We don't know why, but she loves to eat outside. Even when she seems sluggish and has little appetite, she will always eat outdoors.

David Cho said...

Great pics.

I wish Noah could enjoy the backyard, but he cannot be out there unsupervised. He either jumps the fence, digs, eats grass to throw up later, etc.

L-girl said...

he cannot be out there unsupervised.

Oh that's a shame. If he's out there with you he's ok?

I was concerned about Tala fence-jumping, but she shows no inclination to do that. So far. I still worry about it a little. She goes wild chasing squirrels and birds, and I wonder if she'll ever try to go further.

dogsled_stacie said...

Hey, great to see the dogs! What a happy family.

So... Tala's inner husky hasn't come out yet? Jumping fences is one of their specialties! :)

L-girl said...

Hey, great to see the dogs! What a happy family.

Thanks Stacie! We are.

So... Tala's inner husky hasn't come out yet? Jumping fences is one of their specialties! :)

I've always heard that Huskies are escape artists! That's one reason I was concerned about fence jumping. Perhaps she's more Shepherd than Husky. :)

We were talking with Tala's rescue-mom about our first dog, Gypsy, who was a Shepherd-Husky mix. We mentioned how when we took Gypsy to the park - a huge park, nothing fenced in at all - as soon as we let her off the leash, she would streak away at top speed. We wouldn't see her again for a good five minutes or more, then she'd reappear, still running at top speed.

The Husky rescue woman said, "She must have been more Shepherd than Husky. If she was more Husky, you never would have seen her again."