ancient peru at the rom

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto will be exhibiting treasures from ancient Peru. I'm very excited about this! Our trip to this region of Peru was among the highlights of our trip, and that is really saying something.

I'm wondering, however, why the ROM refers to the origin of these treasures as "Sican". In Peru, it is "Sipan". We were there, and it is most definitely Sipan. Why this word Sican, I wonder? I will try to find out.

Meanwhile, the exhibit begins March 10. It will be my first time at the ROM.

* * * *

Update. Apparently there's Sipan and Sican. Although they have similar descriptions - both north coast, both Moche, both skilled in metallurgy - they were separate empires. Funny that in my Peru research I never came across Sican. I'll discover them in Toronto!

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