the rats

Things like this make me miss New York.

Not the vermin themselves. The people straining to see them, the talking about them, the shared experience of something simultaneously hideous, amusing and mundane. A little New York moment.

Allan told me some other rodents have been spotted in New York City: beavers. Swimming in the Bronx River, and building dams. Photos of the little guy and his dam can be seen here.

I bet you didn't even know there was a Bronx River.


loneprimate said...

Man, that's awesome. :) I've seen them here in the city in Toronto, but it's hard to imagine they're a going concern in New York. That's inspiring. I wonder what Rachel Carson would think. :)

James said...

Lori & I have seen beavers on the Islands, which was fun.

L-girl said...

It is inspiring! There's healthy bass running in the Hudson again, and a beaver in the Bronx!

zydeco fish said...

That's amazing. Really.