our home in native land

Our friend and nephew D - musician, massage therapist, and all around cool guy - arrived last night from western Massachusetts. It's too cold for any city exploring, so we're sticking close to home - playing with pups, having Dim Sum in Mississauga, making dinner together.

Speaking of cold, I'm enjoying listening to Canadians one-up each other on the weather. "You think this is cold? When I lived in Winnipeg..." I think anything colder than minus 15 qualifies as cold. I don't mind it, but it is cold. I save my complaining for the summer.

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I really liked this. I especially love that it was a 13-year-old girl!
A 13-year-old Alberta girl made history at centre ice in Calgary's Saddledome on Saturday night when she became the first person to sing O Canada in Cree at an NHL game.

Akina Shirt, who lives in Edmonton but is originally from the Saddle Lake First Nation about 120 kilometres east of Edmonton, sang the national anthem before the Calgary Flames took on the Vancouver Canucks.

Shirt said she learned the Cree version of the anthem a year ago.

I had to work extra hard in learning the words and practising it and I eventually memorized it and it just comes natural," she told CBC News.

Shirt sang to a sold-out crowd in the Saddledome and in front of hundreds of thousands of Hockey Night in Canada viewers.

She's gained a reputation as a lucky charm since she started out singing the anthem for the Saddle Lake Junior B Warriors — each time she has opened a game, the home team has won.

Saturday night was the first time she opened for a professional hockey matchup. And sure enough, the Flames beat the Canucks 4-3.

Shirt said the chief of the Saddle Lake First Nation told the Flames that they should have her sing the anthem.


David said...

I found this story particularly heartwarming and in stark contrast to the brouhaha last year when some Spanish-speaking sports venue attendees wanted to sing the US National Anthem in Spanish.

Here, any argument about what language one is "supposed" to sing the Canadian National Anthem in gets nipped in the bud because it appeared in French first and then English. (At least according to Wikipedia - (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oh_Canada)

laura k said...

Can't have those brouhahas here, that's for sure. That question has been settled.

Scott M. said...

"our home in native land" hehehe.

laura k said...

I was wondering if anyone noticed that. :)