Does anyone here use LaLa.com? How have you found it?

I'm wondering if it's a way for me to hear more new (to me) music without spending a lot of money.


Jen said...

Ha! Finally figured out how to post (not that I worked on it too hard--not like you and this site, nice work L-girl!).

Anyways, I use www.pandora.com which is great because you get totally random stuff based on what you like and can hear lots of new/lesser known artists.

It's based on the "music genome project" where they trace the commonalities of various artists and genres--neat concept. Check it out since I can't explain it well.

It reminds me a bit of making a mixed tape. If you stick to one of your stations and just listen to how it progresses you can start with Joni Mitchell and after 15 songs or so the music you are hearing is no longer anything like her. I had a mixed tape once that started with Vivaldi and progressed logically (to me) on to AC/DC by the end... Shuffle on my iPod just isn't the same


P.s: jenjenjigglepants is defunct, just the Insite insightful site.

Jen said...

Oh, despite all of those words, I didn't mention that it's radio only, no downloads. Were you looking to buy/trade music?

L-girl said...

Pandora and the music genome project sound great! But radio only? I don't think that would work for me. (Yes, I was looking to buy or trade music.)

But I will definitely go over there and learn more. It sounds like such a cool idea, it deserves a look at least. Thanks for the tip.

You know, I knew you weren't blogging anymore... I guess I just didn't have the heart to delete you. :)

L-girl said...

you can start with Joni Mitchell


M@ said...

I'll second pandora.com. That site has led me to about a half-dozen new bands that I really, really like. Between Pandora and XM radio, I can't seem to buy enough music these days!

James said...

Yahoo's LAUNCHcast does something similar. It's based on "People who like what you say you like liked these other things you might like", while Pandora's "music genome project" is more "We've analyzed the songs you like and they have these properties. You might like these other songs that have similar properties".

Same basic idea, different matching mechanism.

David Cho said...

Sounds like an interesting concept, but a lot different from rhapsody.com which is basically an Internet jutebox. You pay a fee and have access to a wide range of albums you can sample without downloading or buying them.

But I will check it out.

L-girl said...

But I will check it out.

Lala.com or Pandora?

I am trying to find out more about Lala. Pandora sounds great, but not for me. I don't like listening to music on my computer.

David Cho said...

Can't sleep...

I don't like listening to music on my computer.

The exact opposite here. Interesting. I don't like the idea of having to maintain stacks of CD's.

L-girl said...

I don't like the idea of having to maintain stacks of CD's.

You don't have a CD collection? Wow. I can't imagine life without stacks (and stacks and stacks, etc.) of CDs.

We also have a huge collection of LPs, which many people find amusing, although I don't know why. Did everyone who gave up their LPs just stop liking all that music? More likely they chose convenience over music, which I find odd.

David Cho said...

Oh, I signed up with Pandora.com.

It is interesting, and seems like an excellent resource for a beginner like me. This is not to say that advanced music fans won't find it useful.

I don't think it's worth $3 a month though and I will stay with the free account.

I do have a CD collection, but it is very small. I get lazy about protecting them, and they sit around on my desk and the floor and get damaged.

David Cho said...

Rhapsody, BTW has a mobile version in which case you don't need to the computer.

L-girl said...

Rhapsody, BTW has a mobile version in which case you don't need to the computer.

Oh yes? How does that work? Maybe I should go look.