james returns to the blogosphere

Longtime friend of wmtc James and his partner have a new puppy! James is blogging about it.

James has been so nice about the off-topic material, I thought a shout-out was the least I could do.

The puppy is adorable, as puppies are. Go over for a quick melt.


David Cho said...

That is a very interesting color combination. I had never seen that before.

That is why mutts are wonderful :).

L-girl said...

I agree that mutts are wonderful - but that pup is pure bred. :)

Nigel Patel said...

The words "Oooh" and "Aaaw" come to mind.
My host family (It's like I'm an 35 year old exchange student) have a lovely blue dog.

James said...

Aussies come in four patterns: blue merle, red merle, black tricolour, and red tricolour. All four involve grey, black, white, and red, but mixed differently.

Cobalt is a blue merle (hence the name "Cobalt"): grey with black spots, with white and red areas.

Mutts are definitely wonderful, but Lori's always had a weakness for the Aussies.