my new desk

My desk did not survive the move. We knew that would probably happen, or not happen, whichever. How it survived the move from New York City to Canada was a minor miracle. It was left with wobbly legs, the keyboard tray would fall off if you breathed wrong, and it always felt like it might fall down if I typed too quickly.

That desk started out in the world in a flat box. It was one of the more insane assembly-required pieces of furniture I've ever seen, and this from a diehard Ikea-cist. Desk, hutch, printer table and small rolling file cabinet, reduced to flat square panels. I swear, the first instruction was: go into forest, cut down trees...

So the desk made it to Canada, but didn't make it out of Port Credit. Since we moved, my monitor has been sitting on the little printer stand, keyboard in my lap. Not my preferred method of working.

I love Ikea, I live by Ikea, but their clean-lined, table-like desks just aren't for me. I need a serious desk.

I always see TV ads for Leon's, so I looked at their website. 99% of their furniture would never cross our threshold, but we did see this one desk...

We went today. It took about 10 minutes to buy, then we had to go to their Brampton store to pick it up. Another flat box.

I never could have done this myself. With bad knees and arthritic hands, I would have had to spend twice as much money for a desk that would arrive looking like a desk. But Allan got the whole thing assembled for me, even with a minimum of cursing.

Then we only had to plug in the 32 things that attach to my computer - iPAQ, wireless router, VoIP phone router, camera, zip drive, blah blah blah - and I'm back to wmtc central.

Allan's in his basement lair again. This one a big improvement over the last basement, with better lighting, a more finished look, and best of all, a better wireless connection.

desk 002

Not bad for under $300, eh? It's really solid, too. I haven't unpacked my office yet. Maybe I'll post before and after.

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