January 3 is one of the four five* major holidays of the Kaminker-Wood household. And today, January 3, 2007, is especially momentous. We have been living together 20 years today.

Is that fucking amazing?!

We are very happy about it, but more than anything, we are amazed.

We spent the 20th anniversary of the day we met at Fenway Park. Check out the great surprise Allan gave us.

We'll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of our domestic partnership in a very different place. I don't mean to be cryptic, but I want to get to work unpacking now. Next time I need a break, I will post about our upcoming anniversary trip.

* One was added last year: wmtc day.


Nigel Patel said...

Happy Aniversary! And welcome home.

West End Bound said...

Happy Anniversary, and have great fun unpacking! :)

M@ said...

Congrats, guys! It is indeed amazing.

I can't even remember what it was like to not live with SuMei, and we've only just passed our 8th anniversary. 20 years is just astounding.

Donna said...


We will have been married 23 years in April - feels like forever. Of course I knew hubby for six years before we married, so it is almost forever, pretty much my entire adult life.

mkk said...

Happy Anniversary! Happy New Home! Happy Everything! Wow -- 20 years! That's wonderful!

OK. Time to stop using exclamation points.

Tom said...

Happy Anniverary!


Good luck in your new home.

redsock said...

Thanks everybody!

20 years is amazing enough, but who would have guessed anniversaries #19 and #20 would be celebrated in Canada!

Today is Living Together Day #7,306.

L-girl said...

Thank you all so much.

It does indeed feel like forever, yet at the same time, it's hard to believe it's been so long. Maybe other people in committed relationships feel the same way?

We've had our issues, for sure, and once nearly split up. But we worked through it - lots of talking, lots of couple counseling, lots of hard work. We learned an incredible amount about ourselves, and learned we wanted to stay together. We renewed our commitment to each other - and we actually ended up happier together than we were before the crisis. And now that is just part of our history - a feature of the landscape.

That's a lot of information for a comment, eh? Hopefully not too much for Allan's comfort. :-)

* * * *

Turns out I was too tired to post any more today, but now I have something fun lined up for tomorrow.

L-girl said...

20 years is amazing enough, but who would have guessed anniversaries #19 and #20 would be celebrated in Canada!

Now THAT is amazing.

Today is Living Together Day #7,306.

And you say I am compulsive? :)

mkk said...

Yes, it seems like forever, though I wonder how the years have flown by so fast. Marty and I have just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary, and this is the happiest time of our lives. We were so young when we were married, and it took us awhile to grow up and figure it all out. (I was a few months shy of my 21st birthday, and he was 22 -- crazy, huh?) Life is great!

L-girl said...

It's so wonderful that you and Marty are so happy now. We were slightly older than you guys when we moved in together (25 & 23) but still had a long ways to go and a lot to learn. Especially the one of us who grew up in a cave... ;-)

Ferdzy said...

Well, congratulations! Here's to 20 more, may they be even better!

My sweetie and I are hot on your heels with 18 3/4 years together. I'm not amazed we've been together that long; I knew at once that this was it for the duration. I'm just amazed at how bloody short 18 years is. Where'd it go?

L-girl said...

Thanks, Ferdzy.

Not amazed - that's very sweet! And I agree, it is bloody short. Time whizzes by, faster and faster as we get older. You really have to treasure every moment. A cliche, but profoundly true.